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Barcelona-on La Rambla


31 °C

around_barcelona_027.jpgaround_barcelona_025.jpgSitting in the first floor lounge of our hotel overlooking La Rambla you are reminded of what an amazing and colourful world we live in. Many nationalities, religions & political persuasions are represented in the faces of the constant thronging crowd. Whether they are locals, tourists, illegal street vendors, stall holders or performance artists, they are all intrinsic to the sea of humanity that populates this busy Barcelona Street both day and night. The street is a living breathing entity with a life of its own. From dawn to dusk the street reminds me of a bee colony with worker bees coming and going from the hive searching out the best pollen (tourists), while in the evening and early hours of the morning tourists and locals alike are attracted to this street like moths are attracted to a bright light or an open flame. La Rambla is not a quiet pedestrian mall with elegant shops & restaurants, nor should it be. It is a vibrant and representative slice of what is only a small but important part of Barcelona. For without places like La Rambla we would live very quiet, boring and subdued existences. Just remember: don’t get too close to the flames or you could get burnt!
(written by the other M)

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Look up when in Barcelona!

Most people walk along the street with heads down busily going about their day and forget to look up and admire the architecture in our cities. In Barcelona, perhaps more than many other cities, you must look up! You’ll discover more that Gaudi’s amazing architectural designs. Beautiful buildings with incredible wrought iron work, motifs on their facades, mosaic cupolas and chimneys, red terracotta tiling, grand spires of churches, gargoyles on rooftops, delicate leadlight windows and detailed brickwork. In Barcelona the old meets the new. It is a trendy, vibrant city we have loved visiting

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The hippest Gelati shop in Barcelona

sunny 29 °C

As we walked around the old part of the city we stepped into possibly the best and trendiest Gelati shop we’ve ever been to. The place was pumping with great music, people were dancing and the vibe was just so happy! (We were probably the oldest people there). As for the Gelati, what great choices: all the usual ones but others like- avocado, mojito, fig, caramel catalanya. The place is called: Gelaaati! Di Marco and it can be found at Calle Llibreteria 7. It was the best Gelati we’ve ever had!

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.6 litres of Sangria is too much!

It sure does quench your thirst.

sunny 30 °C

around_barcelona_032.jpgHaving toured Barcelona all day we decided to eat dinner before going back to our apartment. Hot, tired and hungry we ordered our drinks: a glass of sangria and beer. Out came two drinks that should have been in the opposite glasses. A large jug of sangria for me and a brandy balloon glass of beer for M. I was so thirsty that I drank half the sangria before the meal even arrived. Paella takes 20 minutes to cook and so we drank some more. The only trouble was that the more I drank the more light headed I felt. When the meal arrived, I drank some more and even before the meal was over, I felt drunk! Great meal and great sangria. I just didn’t expect to drink the equivalent of 6 glasses of wine in 1.5 hours. Sangria certainly quenches your thirst. Just remember that while it is easy to drink, it’s alcoholic. (I clung on to M all the way home!) Photo: self portrait post sangria and post visit to Picasso museum.

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Barcelona: A day by del mar

A day by the sea

bcn_from_bus_028.jpgHola! Today we chose to visit a Hospital by the sea (Hospital del Mar) after the advice of our dashing Greek locum doctor and a push from me. We spent 12 hours there, being seen then waiting, then being seen and waiting again. The Doctors were lovely and as we progressed from junior doctors to senior ones our level of concern grew somewhat larger. Xrays, ultrasound, blood tests and lots of questions. While M was feeling markedly better than a few days ago (gallstone attack) the not so good blood test results concerned the doctors as it didn't reflect the relatively good xray and ultrasound results. The end result was IV penicillin and a new round of blood tests followed by a script for oral medicine. There were a lot of patients in "urgencias" and we needed lots of patience too! Nevertheless, all worthwhile if Ms health improves (along with his diet) and another attack can be avoided.
Note to others: get your gallbladder removed before you travel if you have gallstones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: Ms nicknamed his gallstones the elgin marbles after our travels in Greece!

NEWSFLASH!! Spain's debt crisis eases after MandMs SIGNIFICANT financial contribution to the Spanish Health sector!

13 hours in emergency at hospital cost us 1800 euros!

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