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Hungary: a second home

This is our fourth visit to Hungary as either a couple or a family, and as per the 3 previous visits I have always felt welcome and at home. I understand only a small amount of Hungarian and speak even less, but this does not seem important when you are with family as their warmth, care and attention knows no boundaries. Although our visits are not frequent and there have been many years between them we just seem to pick up where we left off.
It’s nice to travel the world experiencing new & exciting places and meeting new people but it is even nicer to return to a place where you are made to feel that you are part of the fabric, and even as an outsider, like you are family.
Although our son has visited Hungary with us in the past, he recently visited Hungary on his own and I know that he feels the same as I do. You can’t buy this type of experience. I just wish that you could bottle it and take it home with you.
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Meeting friends overseas

We have the great pleasure to be meeting up with some good friends while we are travelling. We have spent the last two weeks with friends driving around Provence and walking the Cinque Terre and will also meet friends at our last destination-Hawaii. The shared experience in Provence and the Cinque Terre was a very special one- full of adventure, fun, exploration, wining and dining and of course a lot of good conversation. How lucky we are to be able to do this!

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Time with family

in Hungary

sunny 33 °C

I have grown up in Australia without any family relatives other than my parents and sister, and have always regretted this, especially when my friends talk about their families. The up side of this is that in order to meet and see my family we have travelled to Europe on a number of occasions. This is my 7th visit to Hungary and each and every time we arrive, it feels like a second home. As the decades have passed there are less family members alive, but despite this, i still feel close ties to this country and to my family members. In all i have probably only spent 6 months of my 51 years here, so a very small percent of my life. It helps that my first language was Hungarian as i am an ESL child, and it helps that we have stayed connected with our family. It also helps that my husband really likes being here and loves my relatives. This is great to see as you cannot force this sort of emotion. So, although we are not here for a long stay, we will take every moment while here to reconnect with each family member.

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Cinque Terre

Visiting the Cinque Terre is a visual delight, shimmering water and colorful densely built houses. While a very picturesque region of Italy, we have found that six nights and five full days were probably just a few too many. In hindsight, we would have spent a night in Nice, perhaps visited Monte Carlo given that the train went through this Principality, and had a few less days in the Cinque Terre.
Depending on how much walking you want to do given the many trails, the 5 towns do not really take 5 days to see. Each is very small and quite similar. If you do the walk from the first to last town in one half day, as we did, then you do see a lot in one go. We tended to visit 2 towns on one day and did so with ease. So, here are our personal views:

  • Vernazza has a lovely port area. portovenere_002.jpg
  • Riomaggiore is the least attractive town. 2CT_walk_day_001.jpg
  • Manarola has gorgeous rock pool swimming areas and a picturesque main street. Nice vibe. manarola_c..lia_034.jpg *Corniglia has lovely little alleyways and shops with unique crafts and great views given that it is set on top of a hill. The walk to the station from hill top is interesting. Hundreds of steps down. manarola_c..lia_059.jpg manarola_c..lia_065.jpg
  • Monterosso is the biggest town and we are glad we stayed here. More choice of shops, cafes and restaurants. A range of beach areas for swimming and lots of walks you can do. A bigger town with a good monterosso..one_043.jpgvibe. monterosso..one_059.jpg
  • Portovenere is more impressive than the CT towns. Worth a visit! 9portovenere_064.jpg
  • The ferry ride between the towns is relaxing and gives you great views of each town. manarola_c..lia_052.jpg
  • St Bernadino is up on a hill in amongst the main 5 towns, but doesn’t really get a mention. manarola_c..lia_053.jpg
  • Walking the CT is fantastic on all levels.

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Vernazza & Portovenere

sunny 31 °C

portovenere_063.jpg portovenere_064.jpg
Instead of the train to the next town, Vernazza, we decided to take the ferry which runs a regular service linking the many towns in this area. Vernazza is the prettiest of the 5 towns in the Cinque Terre. This is a subjective opinion, but I think many would agree. It is also a small town with one main street and a few side streets and alley ways. The main street is very pretty; lined with flowering trees, and shops and cafes on both sides. The tall, slim, joined buildings are set in the mountain but cascade down to the port which is the hub of the town. It doesn’t take long to see this town but it is worth a visit.

Portovenere is a one hour ferry ride from Monterosso. It is a striking town for as you approach by sea the Church, Fort and Castle dominate the landscape as they are set up high. It is a beautiful port area and has charming streets and alleyways. The Church of San Pietro dates back to the 4th Century and around town you can see evidence of buildings from centuries ago. Portovenere is a bigger and more interesting town than the 5 small towns of the Cinque Terre.

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