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Copenhagen is beautiful.
It has lovely buildings9copenhagen_3_115.jpg
Many boats9copenhagen_1_025.jpg
Beautiful statuescopenhagen_2_005.jpg
And grand designscopenhagen_3_066.jpg
It is a green city in more ways than onecopenhagen_3_020.jpgcopenhagen_3_030.jpg
It has canalscopenhagen_3_104.jpg
And seas
It has royaltycopenhagen_2_018.jpg
And great Danish pastries!copenhagen_3_003.jpg
It is small; very, very peaceful and pretty!copenhagen_2_044.jpgcopenhagen_2_128.jpg

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B is for Budapest

sunny 26 °C

hungary3_050.jpg hungary4_114.jpg
It may well be the fact that this is our first visit here in summer/autumn, but Budapest seems even more beautiful than ever. The bright sunshine seems to have lit up the city. Apart from the fact that there are lots of new buildings-offices, apartments and renewed cultural spaces, the city seems cleaner, more modern and busier than ever. The Danube is bustling with barges and boats, wide and fast flowing. Buda is so scenic, dotted with its significant historic buildings and sights, while Pest moves to the beat of a bustling and thriving capital city. The world’s largest corporations seem to have extended their business here and there are more tourists than ever. Budapest is a beautiful city. It seems like the once “paris end of the eastern bloc” has well and truly made its mark as a wonderful tourist destination.
hungary3_012.jpg hungary3_062.jpg

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One of the finest patisserie shops I have ever been to is here in the heart of Budapest. When you enter the Gerbeaud it is like stepping back into the grand era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Rich decore, elegant chandeliers, fine porcelain, rich velvet drapes and small marble topped tables define the space. Those who know me will know that I love cakes, so the choices I am presented with here are fantastic. I usually choose the ones we don’t commonly have in Australia- a dobos torte or a chestnut puree or maybe both!

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Sadly, the sun is setting on Jaszladany

sunny 32 °C

hungary1_050.jpghungary1_099.jpghungary1_148.jpghungary1_154.jpghungary1_055.jpgComing back to Hungary is always special and in particular, visiting the village where my father was born, holds dear memories. This village is about 125km from Budapest and has a declining population of now less than 6,000. It has an ageing population and sadly a beautiful cemetery that has a larger number of townspeople buried there than the actual town’s inhabitants. It’s once well kept rustic houses and well organised gardens are dwindling and many shops are closed with a few main ones now selling almost only cheap Chinese imports rather than local goods. Younger people are leaving the town for larger cities and better opportunities, while cheap and empty houses are swelling the Roma population, which far outnumbers the Magyar population. This in itself presents some social problems for the town. The decline has been slow but noticeable on each return visit. Nevertheless, this place holds dear memories and our visit here with my Uncle has been wonderful and as special as ever.

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The rooster that crowed

sunny 30 °C

hungary1_037.jpgThere is a recalcitrant rooster living in Szandaszollo, Szolnok. Each and every morning it wakes the neighbourhood up at the ungodly time of 4am. Something is wrong here because roosters are meant to crow at dawn. Dawn is not at 4am!!!! Doesn’t it know that being woken at 4am makes it hard to get back to sleep? As we headed out one morning, there it was in the street- shiny coat, large and clearly the head of the pack; THE rooster responsible for our minor sleep deficit. Yet when we stopped to take a photo of it, I couldn’t help but admire how handsome he was!

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