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NY1_064.jpgA 3 storey m & m's shop can be found in Times Square. Imagine a shop solely dedicated to m & m's paraphenalia. Brilliant marketing by Mars Inc. M loved it, I simply could NOT believe it!! I couldn't believe the vast range of clothing, household goods, food, jewellery, kitchenware etc that you could buy. Who buys this? Actually, the store was packed and M wants to go back there! The one funny thing we realised, was that our MandM travels is just that: m & m. Perhaps Mars Inc. would like to sponsor us!!!! (only joking!)

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New York, New York

An assault on your senses

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NY1_070.jpgNY_2_129.jpgWhile I really enjoy writing and have loved keeping this travel blog, I have realised that something has to inspire you to write. Here in NY, the city that never sleeps, it has taken days to get me writing. Today, we hired bikes and rode around Central Park for three hours. The sun was shining, riding was fun and exploring this park was excellent. This beautiful park amidst this concrete urban jungle provides some level of equilibrium to the city and its people. This is what I realised today! For four days I have struggled to make sense of this place. Everyone raves about NY and indeed, it was No.1 city on our list of places to visit, yet since arriving I have been overwhelmed by its frenetic pace, the crowds of people everywhere, the mix of good and bad smells, the excessive consumerism and waste, the neon lights and amazing sights, its extreme wealth contrasted with people in poverty. Central park (2.5 miles x 0.5 miles) is an oasis that allows every single person the luxury of visiting beautiful gardens to enjoy walking around lakes, ice skating in winter, boating in summer, playgrounds for children, a zoo, garden conservatories and so much more. Here you can slow down and get away from the hectic pace of daily life. I’m really glad Central Park exists. I realised this afternoon that I do like NY and that Central Park is so important to this city! Equilibrium is important!

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The best flight ever!

Flying over Greenland

copenhagen..ght_052.jpgcopenhagen..ght_060.jpgcopenhagen..ght_067.jpgcopenhagen..ght_105.jpgGiven that I love the cold and snow, i have always thought that flying over the Antarctic with Qantas would be so scenic and interesting. Now i can take it off the list as our flight over Iceland and Greenland enroute to New York from Copenhagen was simply incredible. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and had my camera with me. We were also lucky to have little cloud cover for much of the trip. Our flight altitude was 11.5km and yet the views were amazing. You could clearly see glaciers and mountain peaks surrounded by snow and ice, The photos do not do the views justice. The 8.5 hour flight flew by because i was glued to the camera, window and views. A truly amazing flight!

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A hop, skip & jump to Sweden

from Copenhagen

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malmo_023.jpgmalmo_046.jpgmalmo_012.jpgmalmo_064.jpgJust a 20 minute train ride from Copenhagen will see you arrive at Malmo Central Station, Sweden. Malmo is Sweden’s 3rd largest city and is well worth visiting if you are in Copenhagen. Once there, grab a map from the Tourist Office and then enjoy walking around the old and new quarters of Malmo. The old quarter is charming with many very old buildings that look part Tudor and part Nordic. The pedestrian mall areas are beautiful and there were lots of people out and about soaking up the sunshine. We visited Malmohus, the Fortress, which once also served as a prison but is now a museum, and enjoyed a walk in the lovely gardens. Living in Australia, it is funny to think that a 20 minute train ride will land you in another country. At home, a 20 minute train ride will take us into the CBD.

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A tree for dummies in Copenhagen


copenhagen_3_049.jpgcopenhagen_3_054.jpgWhile enjoying a walk in the beautifully manicured Frederiksberg gardens, we came upon a large tree with hundreds of colourful things, including ribbons and cards hanging from it. On closer inspection, we LOL to find that it was a tree where parents get their toddlers to bequeth their dummies at the point where they no longer need one. It was so strange to see bundles of dummies and single dummies hanging from a tree, and yet it made sense. When your child is ready, he/she can leave it here and then come visit it thereafter. I’m sure that some level of peer pressure helps toddlers part from their dummies earlier than they might otherwise do.
Ps: M says his siblings will laugh when they read this. He apparently parted with his dummy a lot later than the average child!! This tree would have been handy!

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