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I love Eco!

NY_3_026.jpgHere in Chicago i have been able to partake in one of my passions- ECONOMICS- by attending the annual National Financial Literacy and Economics Education Conference. Sounds boring to some of you ( I know), but not to me. The conference broadens your knowledge and resource base and allows you to mingle and meet like minded educators from Universities and schools (K-12) all over the USA. I was part of a small international group representing the Ukraine, South Africa, Japan, Korea and a few other countries. I have lots of new ideas to think about, the one i most liked was the idea of integrating Art into Economics. Perhaps this stems from seeing so many famous artworks during our travels. I didn't get to meet Mr Obama (disappointed that he wasn't our Keynote speaker), but i did pay my respects to Milton Friedman! Long live Economics!

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Welcome to Chicago

sunny 22 °C

chicago2_056.jpgchicago2_091.jpgchicago2_085.jpgchicago2_065.jpgLeaving New York was like leaving a country! On arrival in Chicago it felt like we had left the USA and gone somewhere else: maybe a city in Canada or maybe even Melbourne, Australia. Where was everyone? Where were the congested roads and footpaths, the loud sirens and horns, the grimey streets and the concrete jungle that is the Big Apple?
Welcome to the windy city! We were greeted by sun shine, clean streets, less traffic, blooming flower planters, trees displaying their beautiful autumnal colours, designer buildings-young and clean, and Lake Michigan as large as Tasmania (?). As in every city our ritual has been to hit the streets straight away to gather our first impressions. We walked to the Lake and the Navy Pier, where Oktober Fest activities had just ended (sadly no bratwurst for us) to make way for spooky Halloween. Interesting artworks and sculptures seem a feature in this city. The buildings individually stand out because the city is spread out rather than built up. Due to catastrophic fires twice in its history and an international building design competition, the buildings in Chicago are varied in design and size. The Chicago River runs through the town (like the Yarra River) and there are definitely similarities between here and home. Maybe we are missing home and counting down until our return or maybe this is, like Melbourne, a very liveable city!

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NY Hispanic Day Parade

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NY7_GrdCtr..day_058.jpgNY7_GrdCtr..day_066.jpgNY7_GrdCtr..day_039.jpgNY7_GrdCtr..day_061.jpgNice timing being in NY for Columbus Day, 10th October, and then getting to celebrate and enjoy the Hispanic Day Parade today, 9th October. Two parades in two days! After we exited from our NBC Tour we joined the crowds in the street to watch the floats and participants in this annual parade. Vibrant costumes, great music and terrific dance moves were showcased on 5th Ave as each Latin American country celebrated their country and culture.

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New York grows on you

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NY7_GrdCtr..day_040.jpgNY_3_002.jpgNY_2_097.jpgI haven't fallen head over heals for NY like many people, but it certainly has grown on me. If we were only here for a couple of days, i would have left feeling overwhelmed. A week or more allows you to get your bearings, pace yourself and have some slow days as well as some hectic days.
It's great that NY is an easy place to move around; the streets are gridded and the subway is efficient and fast. Usually M navigates as "women can't read maps", but here in NY, M has lost his bearings and i'm navigating us around ( a nice turn around!) There are so many wonderful galleries to see that it is hard to know what to do when you have limited time. There are shops galore, cruises to take, stunning art deco buildings to visit, plays and musicals to experience, Churches, Grand Central Station, Museums by the dozen and the list goes on. While places like Tokyo have a much larger population, NY is so busy and crowded because of the small area in which so many people live, work and visit. Like the typical tourist T shirts say: I (too) love NY (a little)!

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Frick beats Guggenheim!

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NY1_058.jpgpicasso_NY_001.jpgToday was a gallery day for us, starting with The Frick Collection and then the Guggenheim. The latter is the very well known gallery, the former less so. The Guggenheim is quite large (although less than half was open to the public due to the preparation of new installations) and The Frick is a beautiful private house/mansion with a very intimate feel to it. By now you can tell which i preferred. Everyone should visit the Frick! There you will see not only beautiful paintings but also furniture, porcelains, bronze sculptures and a mansion with all its trimmings. Walking around to admire all the paintings was wonderful and so easy to do. The ambience was what made the difference. Frick's collection included Picasso, Rembrandt, Turner, El Greco, Monet, Renoir, Vermeer and many more.( During this trip Picasso has become my new interest and so the adaptation of my last Picasso for this blog reflects where i am now.) More seriously, i do not take the time to visit art galleries often enough. My new year's resolution is to take the time to admire, enjoy and learn more about the amazing artworks we are so fortunate to see in our galleries.

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